When: Back to Calendar February 6, 2014 @ 3:00 pm - 7:30 pm
Where: The Beaver Creek Club, Avon
Cost: $10/free Symposium Members
Contact: (970) 476-0954
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A Vail Symposium Event

What Climbing the World’s Highest Peaks Can Teach Us About Life on the Ground

Join renowned mountaineers Ellen Miller, Jon Kedrowski, Eric Alexander and Dick Pownall for a snowshoe hike in Beaver Creek followed by a panel discussion–moderated by Adam Katzen–about what mountain climbing has taught them about living balanced, fulfilling, successful lives.

Life is often a risky, lonely, boring endeavor. It’s a series of unbearable lows and fleeting highs strung together by a rickety roller coaster track.

There are some people who seem to rise above the mundane ‘day to day’ of life. While the rest of us struggle and suffer, this group seems to float through life exceeding expectation and delivering exceptional results with great consistency.

What do these innovators know that we common folk don’t? How are they able to produce game changing results time and time again without ruffling a feather? Well, it’s easy.

These visionary leaders don’t fall prey to the status quo, clichés and platitudes that seem to bog down most people. They know the fleeting nature and fragility of life. And they incorporate this insight into everything they do.

Climbing mountains has been used ad nauseum as a metaphor for living life. It makes sense. To bag an 8,000 meter peak you have to struggle, persevere, plan, prepare, adapt, work as a team… It takes proper planning, trust and a positive outlook to achieve this seemingly insurmountable goal (getting to the summit).

It’s not an easy task to climb the world’s highest peaks – but doing so can teach you a great deal about living life, leadership and relationships.

Performing under brutal conditions, rapidly changing environments and stressful situations can prepare a person to handle whatever life throws their way. When successfully applied, the principles and tactics used to conquer the planet’s most challenging summits can serve as a foundation to deal with life at sea level.

Discover how struggling at 24,000’ can prepare you for dealing with anything life tosses your way. Walk away with a new outlook on how you approach the world and new tools that you can use to effectively steer through this obstacle course we call life.

Sponsored in part by Beaver Creek Resort Company.

Meet at The Beaver Creek Club at 3:00 p.m. for the snowshoe hike. Please dress warmly and bring your own gear. Call our office at 970-476-0954 for more information.